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Answers to common kindle questions

How do I loan a book
Three ways
First, hand them your kindle and let them read off of it, just like you would when loaning a paper book.
Second, if they have a kindle registered to the same account as yours, you can just go to click on the actions button and send it to your friend's kindle.
Third, if the publisher allows that book to be lent (most don't) and you have never lent that book out before (publishers only let you loan a book once, ever), you can go to click on the Actions button and you will see a "Loan this title" option. Click on that and enter your friend's regular email address. (Not her kindle's address, her plain old, normal email address.) She will get an email telling her how to put it on her kindle.
How do I go to the beginning of a book?
Once you open the book, open it's menu and go to the beginning of the book.
You don't specify which kindle model you have, which makes it harder for us to give specific instructions
For my kindle touch, I do this. Turn on the kindle, Press the "Home" button below the screen (four horizontal bars, looks like a speaker, but isn't), find the book's title and touch it, touch the top edge of the screen, which brings up a menu, touch the "GoTo" button on the bottom of the screen, touch "Beginning" from the menu that comes up.
How do I take a screenshot on the Kindle Touch?
  1. Press the HOME button
  2. Single Tap on the screen without releasing the HOME button
  3. Keep holding the HOME button 1-2 second
  4. Release the HOME button